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Caring for Sterling Silver Jewellery

Caring for Sterling Silver Jewellery

It's hard not to fall in love with the simple beauty of sterling silver, and with the new funky Saf & Ani designs of ear climbers and threaders and matching stretch bracelets, sterling silver is becoming a metal we just have to wear more often.

Saf & Ani has chosen jewellery which is .925 silver as it is harder than pure silver and does not tarnish as quickly, extra care and caution should be taken with pure .950 silver.

Sterling Silver 925

But have you ever considered how to look after your sterling silver items?

We find ourselves quite often neglecting our special pieces within our jewellery box, only to find they have tarnished. Tarnishing is when oxygen or sulphur come into contact with the silver causing it to look discoloured and appear dirty. No one wants that!

Caring for Sterling Silver

Well it's very simple, one trick is to wear the jewellery more often, the oils in your skin keep the silver looking shiny and clean.

Avoid exposing and any contact with harsh household chemicals, also foods that contact sulphur (e.g. eggs, mustard, onions, mayonnaise...), best to remove your jewellery when you are doing your household chores. Also, cosmetics and hair products can accelerate tarnishing, so put your jewellery on as your finishing touch.

Store your jewellery away from sunlight and ideally in an airtight container, silica gel sachets which you get in shoeboxes and handbags are also great to add to remove any moisture in the air.


Many of Saf & Ani's sterling silver jewellery pieces have an anti-tarnish protection, but for those which do not have this, a gentle polish with a soft cloth in the direction of the metal grain will lightly bring the shine back.

When polishing be careful with products like the Daisy Fields Ring and Petite Daisy Ring not to polish where the rings have been intentionally allowed to oxidise to create the small detail.

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