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Well I think summer is here, well at least it was at the weekend, typically the UK has resorted back to jackets and jeans first thing on Monday morning, and if you didn't you got cold!

After a wonderful day roaming Cambridge it's beautiful historic streets and the colourful market, this was all before seeing the amazing James Bay at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, it got me thinking about how shoppers still like to feel the item they are buying and engage with the seller. So this summer I will be venturing to village summer fetes 

So this is ME! Rapidly heading towards 40 and not wanting to face that fact, I started up Saf & Ani so that I could find funky pieces of jewellery that could be worn without looking like I had tried to follow the latest fashion (that truly I didn't understand).

This also seems to mean I have gone back to wearing some of my Nineties favourites, anklets, toe rings and ear cuffs!! Oh yes, surely we can't give up those items that help us remember the good days?

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