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Mix & Matching Your Earrings

OK, we've seen a variety of jewellery fashion go by, multiple piercings, the giant ear cuff, oversized jewellery... Now here's the one I'm now trying, mix and match jewellery.

Bogged down by children and work, and no time to follow the latest trends as I'm officially at an age past the ability to keep up with it, I discovered by accident mix and matching my earrings. I want to be trendy and I want to feel fresh again, but I did manage to lose the matching t-bar stud to my new lotus flower earrings. Argh, what to do?? Well, I grabbed my favourite Saffy Flower Studs and hung the lotus leaves onto the back of them instead, VOILA! From that moment I discovered that I could mix and match my earrings and feel like I'd created a unique and fresh pair that no-one else has. I tried all my stud earrings with my lotus flowers and loved the new looks I created every day.

I took this further still, I grew up only wearing silver jewellery in the 90s and wouldn't be seen in anything but. Now, I have a new confidence and no need to follow what I'm being preached by the latest fashion magazines, I am now mixing styles and colours. Rose gold, gold and silver jewellery all at the same time. Yes, I still have the extra holes in my ears from the 90s, so I am going to use them and design my own style depending on how I'm feeling that day.

Discovering the new look, and knowing that it doesn't matter if I lose an earring, I hope to bring lots of Saf & Ani earrings to you so that you can do the same. Take a look at not only the fashion earrings, but the sterling silver collection and try the same. 


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