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Saf & Ani Packaging

Packaging! Well we hate it at Saf & Ani, can't lie I am one of those who has followed the Three R's since I was 21, what?! You don't know what the Three R's are? Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

At Saf & Ani, if you couldn't already tell we do not like packaging, and we are working with our suppliers to find a solution to reduce the amount of packaging that comes through our letter box. We also want to reduce the amount of packaging and plastic that comes through yours.

So firstly the postage box is simple and made from recycled cardboard. Secondly, any bubblewrap or paper you find inside the box to protect your jewellery is being reused.

Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons, your earrings do have to come in a small plastic bag.

Finally, we do want you to open your box and feel your heart skip with excitement, so we present our jewellery in a small gift pouch, which we hope you can safely store your jewellery in or use as a gift bag.

Hope you can help in your own little way, by reusing and recycling your Saf & Ani packaging.

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