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What makes an earring Hypoallergenic?

Well... a question I keep being asked is what makes an earring hypoallergenic? This is a really good question!

If an earring is labelled hypoallergenic this simply means you are 'less likely to react', or will have a 'lower reaction to', this does not mean you will not react. The best types of metals to wear if you are sensitive to metal jewellery would be silver, sterling silver, titanium, 18K gold, rose gold and surgical steel. Also, leather and beads are also considered hypoallergenic.

So should I only buy hypoallergenic earrings?

Many people can wear fashion earrings and jewellery for short periods of time, like a night out with no trouble at all. 

What do Saf & Ani Recommend?

If you are sensitive we recommend you stick to the Saf & Ani sterling silver, 18K gold and rose gold earrings and other non-metal materials.


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