Where do you ship from?

All our items are stocked and shipped from the UK.

Do I need to create an online account to order from Saf & Ani?

No, we like to keep things simple at Saf & Ani you do not need to set up an account. However, if you want to be kept up to date with new collections and any offers please create account.

Are any of your earrings hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic means you are 'less likely to react', or will have a 'lower reaction to', this does not mean you will not. The best types of metals to buy are sterling silver, titanium and steel if you know you have sensitive ears. Although many people can wear fashion earrings for a night out with no trouble at all.

Will Coronvarius affect my order?

All Saf & Ani jewellery is shipped from the UK and we are following government guidelines, maintaining health and safety. Whilst this is uncertain times, we use Royal Mail and post your orders daily.

How much to you charge for delivery?

Please see our Delivery Charges here https://safandani.com/pages/delivery

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